Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a short-range capital improvement program for transportation projects in SEMPO’s planning area.  When selecting projects for inclusion in the TIP, several factors are considered, including a project’s ability to help MoDOT and IDOT achieve their respective statewide targets, or to help SEMPO achieve its customized targets. The projects included in the FY 2016-2019 TIP address the safety and transit asset management targets in several ways. For example, many projects in the TIP involve accommodations for accessibility as well as bicycle and pedestrian systems. Such projects aid in reducing VMT per capital,  increasing modal balance, improving average commute and peak travel time, and improving air quality. The TIP also includes numerous projects that increase the safety of roads and bridges, work zones, and transit systems. These projects aim to reduce fatalities and injuries. Pavement and railroad crossing improvements also support the safety targets. Some roadways and intersections in the region experience congestion, which are addressed in the TIP through projects that increase capacity and
efficiency. The TIP supports the transit asset management targets by including capital and operational projects for vehicle replacement, technological upgrades, expansion of services, and other improvements. The TIP also addresses the necessary coordination with local, state, and federal agencies in selecting and programming projects.

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