Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

Vision: The Southeast Missouri Metropolitan Planning Area will provide and maintain a safe and efficient transportation network for all users that facilitates the responsible physical and economic development of the area.

Goals: The following goals have been established to ensure the MTP achieves the vision. They will serve as the core criteria for evaluating progress in implementing the plan.

  • Accessibility Goal: Promote alternative transportation options for area residents and employees that are reliable and accessible to all users.
  • Economic Development Goal: Promote the economic growth of the metropolitan area by providing a safe, secure, reliable, and efficient transportation system
  • Environmental Protection Goal: Protect the environment while promoting energy conservation and improving the quality of life.
  • Funding Goal: Develop innovative funding sources and strategies for transportation improvements.
  • Land Use Coordination Goal: Improve the coordination between the development of the transportation network and land use planning.
  • Public Involvement Goal: Support community involvement in the transportation planning process.
  • Regionalism Goal: Support local and regional transportation and land use planning needs.
  • Safety Goal: Ensure the safety of all travelers regardless of modal choice.
  • System Management Goal: Preserve and maintain the existing transportation system.

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