Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan (EVRP) Project Overview

The Southeast Metropolitan Planning Organization (SEMPO) undertook the development of an Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan (EVRP) to inform the general public, transportation agencies, electric vehicle stakeholders, private businesses, and local government entities of the advent of increased electric vehicle ownership and electric vehicle charging infrastructure deployment within the SEMPO Metropolitan Planning Area.

The Southeast Metropolitan Planning Organization (SEMPO) teamed up with Olsson to conduct a planning level project to develop an Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Plan for the SEMPO Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). Their efforts have produced a comprehensive strategic plan that addresses the immediate needs as well as long-term planning objectives for the SEMPO planning area to become an electric vehicle destination, corridor, and gateway.

The goal of this planning project was to make the SEMPO MPA Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) ready by developing a plan that provides a vision for electric vehicle readiness, identifies key partnerships and actionable strategies needed to achieve the vision, and facilitates community support for electric vehicles.

A brief list of elements included in the plan is provided below for your reference.

  • Stakeholder outreach across a variety of sectors
  • Existing conditions including public, private, workplace, and residential EV adoption, infrastructure, and services
  • Assessment of existing conditions and understanding of gaps in service, infrastructure, etc
  • Equity Analysis
  • Identification of Needs (Infrastructure, Services, Programs, and Policies)
  • Strategy and Recommendations
  • Funding Guidance
  • Implementation Plan

The development of the plan was informed through coordinated engagement with EV partners and stakeholders. As part of this effort, interested stakeholders from a variety of interests or perspectives were invited to share thoughts and comments through completing online surveys. These surveys assisted the project team to understand the existing conditions and future vision of each of the focused stakeholder groups. Click the links below to review the stakeholder-specific questions used for the study. Stakeholders were encouraged to take more than one survey if they belonged to multiple stakeholder groups.

Stakeholder Groups

Survey Links

Electric Vehicle Dealers

Online Survey

Electric Vehicle Service Providers (Repairs, Conversions, etc.)

Online Survey

Electric Vehicle Charging Providers / Services

Online Survey

Organization that might have charging stations (Hotels, Airports, Gas Stations, etc.)

Online Survey

Fleets (Transit, Delivery, other)

Online Survey


Online Survey

Power providers, area universities and institutions, and other agencies and interest groups participated through individual interviews conducted by the project team.

The following is an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations Map provided by the U.S. Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels Data Center. You may enter your desired location and select the applicable fuel source to see available locations.

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