Interactive Map Gallery

The Southeast Metropolitan Planning Organization utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to offer interactive maps to the public, fostering transparency, community engagement, and informed decision-making, while also supporting emergency planning, local businesses, and environmental initiatives.

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Cape Girardeau County Transit Authority

Cape Girardeau County Transit Authority Transit Routes.

Pedestrian & Recreation

Pedestrian and recreation accommodations within the SEMPO MPA. 

Community Land Use

Land use and zoning classifications within the SEMPO metropolitan planning area.

Roadway Classifications

Local Roads, Major Collectors, Minor Arterial, Minor Collector, Principal Arterial, Interstate, and Freeways.

Roadway Safety & Traffic

Roadway crashes, injuries, fatalities, and high accident locations.

MPO & RPC Boundaries

Statewide MPO and RPC Boundaries and locations.

Electric Utility Providers

Electric company utility providers within the SEMPO region.

Traffic Counts

MoDOT Average Annual Daily Traffic Counts. 

SEMPO Boundaries

SEMPO bi-state Metropolitan Planning Area and Urbanized Area Boundaries. 

City of Cape Girardeau Public Info

Public information including voting districts, schools, ward boundaries, etc.